Tebu and Tuareg representatives met in Brussels to initiate peace talks for Awbari

The European Institute of Peace (EIP) hosted direct peace talks between representatives of the Tebu and Touareg, two groups involved in violent clashes in Southern Libya. Representatives of both groups met in Brussels on the 28th and 29th of July to discuss the conflict in Awbari. The two delegations described the intense negotiations in Brussels as ‘an important first step towards peace’. It was agreed to continue negotiations in Libya and work together for peace in the town of Awbari. They have since embarked on a plan of action to continue the peace process.

The delegations’ presence in Brussels was also used as an opportunity for them to brief the international community on the humanitarian and political situation in southern Libya.

The conflict in Awbari is part of Libya’s ongoing civil war which has also developed into a humanitarian crisis: There is a severe shortage of medical supplies and access to food and fuel is limited. The UN estimates that the conflict has so far resulted in 434000 internally displaced persons.

The talks were mediated by Promédiation and hosted by the European Institute of Peace (EIP).

Joint statement by Issa Ali Lamin and Alamin Aboubaker Akhaty Mohamed following the talks at EIP in Brussels:

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Communiqué                   Le 30 juillet 2015 à Bruxelles, Belgique

Nous, délégations des Toubous et Touaregs d’Oubari, après avoir signé une « déclaration de bonne volonté et d’initiative d’ouverture d’un processus de paix à Oubari », nous sommes retrouvé à Bruxelles les 28 et 29  juillet 2015.

Cette rencontre nous a permis d’entamer un dialogue direct entre nous, et de franchir une première étape importante sur le chemin de la paix. Nous avons pris, ensemble, l’engagement de poursuivre ce processus par étape, de manière à rétablir des conditions de sécurité à même de permettre, à terme, le déploiement d’une aide humanitaire pour l’ensemble des populations affectées par le conflit, et en particulier les personnes déplacées.

We, delegations of Tebus and Tuaregs of Awbari, after having signed a “Declaration of good will and of joint initiative to open a peace process in Awbari”, met in Brussels on the 28th and 29th of July 2015.

This meeting has allowed us to start a direct dialogue together, and to take an important first step towards peace. We jointly committed to pursue this process, step by step, in order to restore, in the end, conditions of security allowing humanitarian aid to deploy and assist all populations affected by the conflict in Awbari, in particular displaced people.

Chef de la délégation des Toubous/Head of Tebu delegation

Issa Ali Lamin


Chef de la délégation des Touaregs/Head of Tuareg delegation

Alamin Aboubaker Akhaty Mohamed