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Foro Cívico announces European tour to address the situation in Venezuela


A delegation from the civil society movement Foro Cívico de Venezuela (Civic Forum of Venezuela) is set to visit Madrid and Brussels as part of a European tour between 4-8 October to hold a series of conversations with civil society, international organisations and institutions, including the European Union, and representatives from ministries of foreign affairs. The European Institute of Peace has worked with partners to help facilitate the visit. 

The delegation comprises a range of voices and sectors of Venezuelan civil society that include: Mariela Ramírez (Movimiento Ciudadano Dale Letra), Ricardo Cusanno (former President of Fedecamaras) Feliciano Reyna (Acción Solidaria), Enrique López Loyo (National Academy of Medicine), and Colette Capriles (writer and columnist).

These conversations constitute a unique opportunity for representatives of the Foro Cívico to give a first-hand account of the current situation in Venezuela and discuss with key stakeholders the multidimensional – humanitarian, social, economic, and political – crisis which the country is facing. The delegation will focus on the civil society movement’s proposals to promote and defend human rights, address the humanitarian emergency, and restore the possibility of an electoral solution within the framework of negotiations and agreements that are taking place at various levels.  

The overall objective of the visit is to support Venezuelan civil society, which plays a crucial role in finding realistic, feasible and peaceful solutions for the current crisis, while also strengthening dialogue spaces with key policy makers in Europe.

Image: © Alexander Rodriguez