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Clémentine Dupont

Clémentine Dupont (she/her) is a Programme Assistant at the European Institute of Peace. She supports the Great Lakes Region programme, within the Engagement, Dialogue and Process Design (EDP) Unit.

Clémentine is a transdisciplinary professional with experience in international and local peacebuilding organisations and networks with a focus on youth, gender, interethnic and refugee issues. Before joining the Institute, she worked at the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY), where she focused on the implementation of the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) agenda through communication, campaigning and advocacy projects. Moreover, she supported conflict transformation programmes at Forumzfd, North Macedonia. As a certified translator, she was also an intern at the French Translation Service, UNHQ.

Her passion lies in decolonising peacebuilding, and the nexus between the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda and the Youth, Peace, Security (YPS) Agenda.

Clémentine is a UN-mandated University for Peace alumna (Costa Rica). She also graduated in MS Human Rights at the University of Saint-Louis, Belgium, as well as in Multidisciplinary Translation at the University of Mons, Belgium. She is a volunteer at People Beyond Borders, supporting the implementation of the Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA).

Clémentine is fluent in French, Spanish and English.