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Mirjana Deletic

Mirjana has Masters Degree in European Studies and over thirteen years’ experience in international affairs and business in analysis, negotiation, partnership building and strategic development of socio-economic and political roadmaps in the Balkans, Africa and Western Europe.

Mirjana is passionate about conflict prevention and resolution. She has direct experience of conflict as a result of the wars of Yugoslav succession and has worked in difficult post-conflict political settings on democratic governance and peacebuilding with international organisations, including United Nations and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Kosovo and Montenegro. She has managed projects and initiatives focusing on dialogue facilitation, capacity building, security sector reform, civil society, refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs), and evaluated multi-million euro programmes on behalf of the European Commission on regional cooperation, human rights and environmental policy. Mirjana applied her skills and creative instincts to establishing environmentally sustainable start-up for high-end, award-winning handbag design that sought to create revenue streams for vulnerable communities and supported ethical initiatives for women in the Balkans and Africa and supported peace-making processes, such as during South Sudan humanitarian crisis in 2014.