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Nussaibah Younis

Dr Nussaibah Younis is an expert on Iraqi politics, and an experienced team leader in the development sector with thematic expertise in governance, political mediation, stabilisation, youth inclusion and combating violent extremism. She currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the European Institute of Peace, and as a Senior Consultant to DT Institute. Dr. Younis is the founder of the Iraq Leadership Fellows Program, which brings together young Iraqi civil society activists and aspiring political leaders for intensive leadership development training. She was previously the Director of the Task Force on the Future of Iraq at the Atlantic Council, which developed a strategy for US engagement with Iraq beyond the war on ISIS. She is a Faculty Affiliate at the University of Chicago, and was previously an International Security Program Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center. She holds a BA from the University of Oxford, and an MSc and PhD from the University of Durham in International Relations.