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Rosalie Klein

Rosalie Klein joined the Institute in April 2023 as part of a Research and Innovation placement partnership with the European University Institute (EUI) – School of Transnational Governance.  She works within the Office of the Executive Director assisting the Public Affairs and Communications Officer with strategies and outputs, while also contributing cross-unit to the Institute’s work in the Great Lakes region, within the Engagement, Dialogue and Process Design (EDP) Unit.

At present, she is a Master’s Researcher at the European University Institute – School of Transnational Governance in Florence, Italy. She enjoys writing articles on a range of transnational topics related to security, peace, and conflict. She is also interested in the implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda as part of an effort to move towards more efficient and sustainable peacebuilding.

Prior to starting the Master’s, Rosalie completed a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College. As part of her curriculum, she completed an internship at the French media TF1 Group in Paris, where she was part of the internal communications team. She also conducted research on various topics and investigated whether an increase in news media articles mentioning terrorism had an impact on French far-right vote share. Rosalie’s interest in politics, economics, and history led her to the realization that studying international relations would enable her to integrate her diverse interests and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the world. Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, with a basic grasp of Italian and Japanese, Rosalie possesses a strong foundation in multiple languages, which adds to her ability to engage with a variety of cultures and perspectives.