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The Institute launches its Strategic Plan 2020-2022: ‘Shaping Conflict Resolution Together’


Today we celebrate the UN International Day of Peace, taking place every year on 21 September. This year’s theme is “Shaping Peace Together”, and it is dedicated to fostering dialogue and collecting ideas and thoughts on how to change the world for the better. In that spirit, the European Institute of Peace is delighted to announce the launch of its Strategic Plan 2020-2022 under the title “Shaping Conflict Resolution Together” and a new visual identity which highlights the Institute’s core values as being a trusted, human, connected and innovative European player.

The plan showcases the Institute’s strategic goals over the next two years whilst also examining the challenges ahead, such as operating within the current Covid context and responding to climate degradation and biodiversity loss. By bringing relevant stakeholders together including the EU, Member States, civil society actors, experts and parties to the conflict, the Institute aims to be a centre of excellence for conflict resolution, capable of supporting lasting peace agreement and optimising Europe’s contribution to conflict resolution, dialogue and mediation.

As a source of practical experience, policy advice and technical expertise, the Institute will work on complementing and strengthening the role of the European Union in supporting sustainable peace around the world based on human rights, inclusivity and the rule of law. Furthermore, the Institute will also focus on seeking new and innovative methods to deliver the change necessary to update conflict resolution.