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UPDATE: Covid-19 Impact Analysis


This May 2020 edition of the European Institute of Peace ‘Covid-19 Impact Analysis’ series provides a snapshot of the political, social and economic consequences of the pandemic on conflict- affected states where the Institute is active or maintains a watching brief. 

The intention is to offer actionable recommendations in volatile and rapidly evolving contexts to policy makers in the EU, European states and their international partners. The analysis highlights regions and specific locations where there is a heightened risk of an eruption of violence connected to the pandemic, such as in eastern DRC and identifies opportunities for engagement in renewed conflict resolution efforts, such as among Cameroon’s anglophone community. It focuses specifically on the situations in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Liptako-Gourma, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Colombia and Venezuela, and builds on previous findings based on in-house expertise and on-the-ground reporting and analysis. Particular attention is given to international responses and the broader impact on conflict resolution and peace efforts.

The analyses do not pretend to be comprehensive but are intended to contribute to a birds-eye view of the pandemic. We hope this will help policy makers to anticipate its potential scope for disruption, to refine appropriate tools and mechanisms to formulate a holistic response, consistent with European values and interests, and to make a stronger case for assigning funds, even at a time when fiscal space may be shrinking. Conflict-sensitive interventions accompanied by robust coordination between and among humanitarian, development and conflict resolution actors can help minimise harm and optimise Europe’s positive impact in addressing the crisis.

For more information and a country-specific breakdown, please refer to our Public Affairs and Communications officer Paul Nolan who can direct you further:  paul.nolan@eip.org