The European Institute of Peace (EIP) is an independent body that partners with European states and the European Union to craft strategic and effective approaches to conflict prevention, resolution, dialogue and mediation.

EIP’s purpose is to protect and improve the lives of people experiencing, at risk of, or recovering from violent conflict. Its work is guided by states that share a common commitment to human rights and to European values in reducing violence and promoting a global peace agenda.

It is unique in combining the flexibility of a non-governmental organisation with the diplomatic reach associated with its board. This access to a wide range of actors at many levels allows it to pursue and support strategic discussions with senior decision makers as well as direct engagement with parties to conflict.

EIP is both a catalytic policy resource and an operational partner. It works to reduce tensions and initiate political discussions by encouraging and supporting coherent engagement and partnerships among relevant actors on the ground in fragile states, and by using and expanding the conflict resolution toolbox to address root causes of conflict, distrust and displacement.

By identifying the risks and opportunities arising from an understanding of the political economy and conflict landscape, EIP helps design, support and undertake dialogue and mediation activities both among national and international actors, where necessary on a confidential basis.

EIP is active in 15 countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Examples of its work include support to host governments, EU and UN Envoys in crafting approaches to conflict resolution and providing dialogue facilitation and mediation support; exchanging experience with host authorities in three East African countries on preventing and reducing ideologically motivated violence; technical assistance to national peace authorities in Afghanistan; sharing lessons from the Colombian peace process; supporting marginalised groups and women to engage in political dialogue in Yemen;  and empowering the voices of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons.


Founded in 2014 as an independent Institute based and registered in Brussels.

Governance Eight governments (Belgium, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) provide strategic, political, technical and financial support. The Executive Director is Michael Keating.
Budget 7.3M € in 2018.
Funding EIP receives core funds from board members; the bulk of its income is through projects. It accepts public and private funding.
Staff 30 permanent staff; a network of conflict resolution experts and practitioners; plus senior advisors with first-hand experience and access to extensive networks within the mediation and diplomatic communities.

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