Our Mission.

The European Institute of Peace designs and delivers sustainable peace processes and agreements. We provide practical experience, technical expertise and policy advice on conflict resolution.

Based in Brussels and active in over a dozen countries, we combine the operational flexibility of an independent organisation with the diplomatic reach associated with our board and our proximity to the European Union.

Our vision is a world where people live in safety and peace because conflicts and grievances are resolved through inclusive dialogue and lasting political agreements.

We live in increasingly complex times, marked by demographic shifts, emerging sources of political power, technological innovation, climate change and growing inequality.

More coherent and sustainable approaches to conflict resolution and prevention are needed. The EU and European actors have a vital contribution to make, drawing upon their global reach, political and economic heft and commitment to human rights.

The European Institute of Peace is uniquely placed to increase understanding of conflict resolution, and to increase the ability to respond effectively.

Who we work with

The European Institute of Peace works collaboratively to promote peace, with:

  • EUROPEAN DECISION MAKERS, both in states and in the European Union
  • THE PARTIES TO CONFLICT, and those who represent people suffering from insecurity or at risk of violence
  • THE CONFLICT PREVENTION, RESOLUTION AND MEDIATION COMMUNITY, including UN, EU, inter-governmental organisations, national governments, and civil society such as NGOs, practitioners and academics.

Where we work

The European Institute of Peace is based in Brussels and active in over a dozen countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Examples of the Institute’s work include supporting marginalised groups and women to engage in dialogue in Yemen; empowering the voices of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to influence European and others’ political engagement; providing technical assistance to national peace authorities in Afghanistan; sharing lessons from the peace process in Colombia.

The Institute’s purpose is to strengthen approaches to conflict resolution wherever it is needed in the world – and to implement initiatives intended to contribute to lasting peace agreements – which means ensuring that peace agreements address human security and are designed to deliver meaningful dividends.

Map of Engagements

Programmes & Projects (excluding global envelopes)