Board members

A total of nine European Member States sit on the Institute’s Board.  Currently, it comprises of Belgium, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. Together, they provide strategic, political, and technical support to the Institute.

The inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors took place on 5 May 2014 with participation of the founding members: Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Mr. Staffan de Mistura was appointed President of the Board and immediately took up his duties. He was succeeded by Mr. Pekka Haavisto in 2016 and Ms Annika Söder in 2019.

Starting January 2024, Helga-Maria Schmid was nominated by the Institute’s Board of Governors as its fourth President. She will serve a renewable two year term.

Finance and support

The aim of the European Institute of Peace is to carry out work of a philanthropic nature. It is devoid of any profit-making purpose and its objective is to contribute to and complement the global peace agenda of the European Union and European states through mediation and informal dialogue.

The Institute’s status is listed as ‘public interest foundation’ in accordance with the Belgian law of 27 June 1921 on non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations.  Donations are  received from several countries through membership fees and project funding from national governments and the European Commission.

In 2023, we had a total operating income of over 10 million euros and corresponding expenditure.