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Strategic Plan 2023-2025: Creating Conditions for Peace

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We are delighted to present the European Institute of Peace’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2025, titled “Creating Conditions for Peace”. The plan, officially unveiled on 27 June, 2023 at a gathering of the Institute’s Board of Governors, broader network of senior advisors, partners and colleagues in Brussels, charts our course for the next three years. 

Our vision is a world where threats to life and livelihoods are mitigated, and armed conflicts are resolved through effective dialogue and inclusive peace processes. Our mission is to catalyse opportunities for non-violent conflict resolution that respond to the needs of those most at risk, thereby optimising Europe’s contribution to sustainable peace. 

The strategic plan is divided into three main sections: Story, Strategy, and Structure. The Story section encapsulates our identity and our understanding of the evolving landscape we operate in. The Strategy section lays out our roadmap for the next three years, detailing four strategic objectives that will guide our work towards fulfilling our mission. The Structure section provides insights into our governance, senior management team, staff, advisors, and the financial resources that fuel our efforts. 

Over the past decade, the Institute has evolved from a small Brussels-based team to a global network of experts. We collaborate with experienced practitioners, including Nobel laureates, activists, and leaders from multilateral organisations, national governments, and communities. Our work takes us to the front lines of conflict, where we listen to and amplify the voices of those affected, connecting them with those who can effect change. 

We invite European policymakers and all stakeholders to delve into our Strategic Plan 2023-2025: Creating Conditions for Peace. Your support and collaboration are invaluable as we navigate the path to peace in the years ahead. 

Download the document