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Asma Ibrahim

Asma Ibrahim joined the European Institute of Peace in January 2023 as the Senior Finance and Grants Manager.

Asma is a Belgian resident, living in University City of Louvain – Walloon Region. After gaining two master’s degrees in Business with a specialty in Finance and Management at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, she worked for over twenty years with several international non-profit organisations, in the Human Rights sector in finance. Before joining the Institute, Asma contributed to the Human Rights movement while working for over five years with Protection International (PI), as the Head of Finance and Administration and serving as a member PI’s Global Management Team. Previously, she worked for over a year with the International Commission of Jurists at their Europe office (ICJ_EU). She also worked as the Head of Finance and Administration at the Red Cross’ European Union Office (RCEU) for close to a decade.

Asma has developed a rich management experience having worked for several international non-profit organisations over the years. In 2022, she joined the doctoral programme at the LouRim (Louvain Research Institute in Management and Organizations, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium). She aims to conduct a PhD research on the Emergence of Management Control Systems in international non-profit organisations.

Originally from Palestine, Asma aspires to serve the cause of human rights, passionately striving for the realisation of freedom and peace not only in her homeland but also across the globe.