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Asmaa Najm Abdullah

Asmaa works as a consultant at the European Institute of Peace. She coordinates programs, provides a point of contact with project partners, and conducts research on conflicts and extremist groups.

Asmaa has an experience in leading work-teams, mediating in conflict resolution, stabilisation-support programs, demobilisation and reintegration, especially for youth, as well as countering violent extremism, in addition to having an extensive experience in field work and difficult environments.

Asmaa was the Director of the Peace and Education Research Program at IYFPG. She provided advice and consultancy, including survey design, preparation and presentation of reports. She has also developed programs on the themes of peace-building, inclusion, youth empowerment, and combating and preventing genocide.

During her work, she has formed partnerships with the highest level of government institutions, universities and youth-led organisations in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, as well as in Yemen and Syria. She has coordinated individual, local and international efforts to collect much-needed aid for the IDPs inside and outside Iraq.

Asmaa focuses on peace-building and youth empowerment programs in Iraq and in the MENA region.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.