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Remy Saadoun

Remy Saadoun is Programme Manager – Early Assessment and Action.

Rémy has dedicated the past 15 years of his career to working in the MENA region, in areas of armed conflict and in post conflict, working with humanitarian organisations and UN agencies.  He has experience in emergency response, in development and in technical cooperation. After about a decade with the ICRC, focusing on armed conflict, protection and IHL, Remy continued experiencing the region through the prism of development work, engagement with civil society and technical support to local authorities. 

Throughout his different experiences, Rémy was able to amass an extensive experience relative to working in places of detention, to the engagement with actors of armed conflict and to institutional cooperation. Rémy has worked with the UNODC, UNRWA and Open Society Foundations, providing him with diverse view into the region. The countries and places he had the privilege to work and live in include Sudan, Gaza, Tunisia, Egypt, the GCC, Libya, Jordan and Mauritania among others.

A native Arabic and French speaker with a degree in Law, he continues to invest his time and effort in a region he feels passionate about.