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The European Institute of Peace concludes in the Dead Sea a three-day meeting of its Southern Dialogue Process in Yemen


The European Institute of Peace held a preliminary dialogue among several southern Yemeni political organisations between 1–3 June 2024 in the Dead Sea, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Representatives of the following organisations participated in the dialogue:

  • The Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Hirak
  • The Participatory Southern Hirak to the National Dialogue Conference
  • Revival (Nahdha) Movement for Peaceful Change
  • Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference
  • Southern National Coalition
  • United Alliance of the People of Shabwa
  • Hadhramaut National Council
  • Shabwa National General Council
  • Southern Women for Peace Group

Participants agreed on the rules and principles of the dialogue process and reviewed the political situation in the southern region and in Yemen in general. They discussed the relationship between the governorates and various state institutions, ways to rebuild and empower institutions in Yemen, and political representation of the southern Yemeni organisations. The dialogue also discussed proposals on involving other political forces in its workings, and the topics that will be discussed in upcoming sessions.

The participants agreed on the need to resolve all disputes in southern Yemen through negotiation, dialogue, and rejection of violence, with the need to respect all rights and freedoms guaranteed in international conventions.

A meeting was held between the participants and the Ambassadors of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands to Yemen, as well as a meeting with the Deputy Special Envoy of the United Nations in Yemen to exchange views on developments in the situation in the country.

The participants expressed their thanks and appreciation to the European Institute for Peace for the facilitation of this dialogue, which led to a convergence of views among them.