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The European Institute of Peace supports updated 2023 EU Mediation Guidelines


The European Institute of Peace is pleased to announce it actively participated in the updating of the Peace Mediation Guidelines by the European External Action Service (EEAS), and supported its launch at the fifth edition of the EU Community of Practice on Peace Mediation (EU CoP 23) that took place 18-19 October.

The EEAS launched on 18 October a refreshed version of its Peace Mediation Guidelines, a comprehensive set of principles and methodologies designed for the broad community of practitioners involved in EU peace mediation. First adopted three years ago, these guidelines play a key role in shaping effective mediation processes as the EU strives for a lasting resolution of conflicts.

The process of updating these guidelines involved a meticulous review of cumulated experience and lessons learnt, notably through collaboration with experts in the field. The Institute’s Senior Advisor Guy Banim worked, together with the EEAS, to incorporate the latest insights and best practices into the guidelines, making them more relevant and robust to face the established and emerging features of conflict.

The Institute’s commitment to promoting peace and conflict resolution aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the updated Peace Mediation Guidelines. We look forward to the positive impact these guidelines will have on the EU’s role in promoting peaceful resolutions and facilitating constructive dialogue.