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“Taking Stock of Mediation Support: What Do Envoys Think?”

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Late 2016, EIP began looking at ways to make mediation support more effective – launching a stocktaking project culminating in this booklet. The basis for the product is three years of investigation into what is working well, and what needs improving, in mediation support.

We accumulated valuable insights by gathering envoys from the UN, the EU, the AU, the OSCE, and independent mediation actors, to discuss what they need, and how current support services and structures responds to that. The findings were discussed and compared with input from our peers among the field’s leading mediation support experts. 

We are now pleased to publish the result of this process. The booklet depicts tricky situations that mediation support actors, envoys and mediators often find themselves in – when things do not go as expected. The cartoons are complemented with concrete options and suggestions for support actors to pick up on. Please find a pdf of the booklet below.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to the project: to the mediators, envoys and mediation support actors for sharing their fascinating stories, to our advisors for their expertise and tireless support and to cartoonist Lectrr for translating our findings into beautiful visuals.

A special thanks goes to the Government of Sweden for its generous financial support which made the Mediation Support Stocktaking project possible.

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